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#1 — Company

Mother Laundry is a full-service convenient laundry (washing, drying and optional folding) and dry cleaning service dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction. We envision to be the leading, established and most innovative brand in laundry business solutions within East Africa and beyond. Find out more about us.

Mother Laundry opens from 8AM to 8PM, Monday to Sunday (Everyday); Last Wash at 7PM; 7 days a week. Open hours may change for major holidays, key observances and uncontrollable incidents.

Call us or whatsapp on 0200 906282 or send an email to Otherwise, you can contact us online.

Yes, we are eco-friendly and sustainable. Mother Laundry knows that doing laundry requires various resources including electricity, water, natural gas, and cleaning products. Our drive to minimize our environmental footprint also saves your best resource, your time.

Kindly ensure you read, understand and consent to our terms of service as well as rigorously follow our customer guidelines to ensure you get the best results and experience from Mother Laundry.

#2 — Services

Mother Laundry provides the following services: Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Ironing, Mending, Wash & Wear, Wash & Fold, Wash & Iron, Pickup & Delivery. Find the service that best suits your needs and schedule a pickup.

The normal turn-around time is about 24-48 hours in which clean laundry is ready by close of business next day, if the order is received today.

For same day service, laundry must be turned in from 8AM to 10AM to be delivered the same day during the day. If you request your laundry for the same day but turn it in after 10AM, there will be a 50% extra express laundry charge. But if you do not need it for the same day it will be returned the following day with no extra charge. Furthermore, please note that certain situations beyond our control can cause delays and hence fail these standard durations. Plus, also understand that there may be exceptions for large commercial orders.

The normal turn-around time is 3 business days when the order is received by 10AM. Some clothes may take longer, i.e. leather, etc.

Yes, please place laundry and dry cleaning in separate, clearly labeled Mother Laundry bags.

You can use any bag (clean trash bag, shopping bag, grocery bag, etc). If your order includes both dry cleaning and laundry, please be sure to use two separate, clearly labeled bags to avoid mismatching clothes while cleaning.

However, please place your order in a disposable bag, as Mother Laundry won’t take responsibility of your laundry bags, hampers, suit bags in case they get misplaced. We deliver your clothes in a reusable eco-friendly garment bag, which has your personalized name tag for future use. Therefore, please don’t give out clothes in expensive suit covers, hampers or bags.

Dry Cleaning is a "wet" process wherein we use detergents as well. The only difference it has from normal laundry is that instead of water, we use chemical solvents like hydrocarbons (generally called petrol wash) which are safer and greener.

Yes, we do hand washing too. If you would like hand wash or special care taken during the washing of your delicate items, please leave special instructions while placing your order and we'll have those items washed based on your preferences.

You can tell our attendant your cleaning preferences in person when you come in for service. If you're placing the order online, you can share them in the "Special Instructions" section as you schedule a pickup.

We'll do our best to remove stains that you indicate or that we see in our initial sorting and inspection. Please understand that no laundry service can guarantee the removal of a stain. But if we're aware of one and it's not set, we'll do our best to remove it.

Yes. If you let us know you want something air-dried or we see that the product label recommends air-drying, then that's what we'll do. Please note that air drying might delay the return of your clothes since it can take many hours to dry completely.

You can turn in your clothes at our premises near you. However if you're placing the order online, please choose if you would like us to pick it up from your doorstep, concierge or another contact person. We serve individuals, families, rentals, apartments, businesses and other commercial entities. Please place your laundry in a disposable bag and label it with your name, phone and address or if its your second order, then you would have a reusable garment bag from Mother Laundry that you can reuse.

No, however when placing your order please provide clear instructions where we can find your clothes and drop them off. If applicable, also provide any access codes necessary to enter that apartment, building, or area where we are to deliver. In case you have a concierge or contact person instead, provide their contact details too and let them know beforehand.

Please call us directly to inform us that you have a big order so that we can send an appropriate motorcycle or vehicle to pickup your bags. Clearly state your name, location and size or number of bags for accuracy.

Yes sure! Each customer's laundry is always kept separate from that of other customers. We do not put your laundry with anybody else's in the machines. And yes, some laundry services do exactly that in order to cut down on their costs, but we don't.

Besides providing Antiseptic, Emulsifier, Neutraliser and Softener treatments for all your clothes, our team is highly trained to best handle them. We keenly test your garments to ensure cleanliness control, fabric safety, tensile strengths, whiteness and/or colour retention, as we clean them. Our measure of success is primarily client satisfaction and excellent service.

#3 — Processes

Mother Laundry has you covered with quick pickup and delivery laundry and dry cleaning services. Currently, we serve both residential and commercial customers in Kampala , Wakiso , Mukono , and Jinja , in Uganda .

Place an order online here or call us at 0200 906282 to place your order.

We recommend using latest versions of IE/Chrome/Firefox/Safari browsers. Also, kindly check if the cookies are enabled and pop-up blockers are disabled. If you are still facing issues in placing an order, you can order by email at, or better actually give us a direct phone call on 0200 906282.

The costs of our services may vary depending on the required service itself, the item(s) to be cleaned and their count or size. Meanwhile, common (load-wash) laundry is costed on kilogram basis. Contact us to get your free quote.

This is called the load-wash laundry. Mother Laundry believes in keeping things simple — our machines are calibrated on Kilogram (Kg) basis and so we derive our costing on Kg basis. Therefore to keep complex equations out of the way, we also charge that way.

However, the main reason for that is to make our services affordable to more people within our communities. We also know that charging piece-wise could give us more margins but, Mother Laundry as a company believes in inclusion.

Payment is typically due before we begin cleaning your clothes. The only exception is if your clothes are wet. In that case, we'll weigh your clothes after they've been washed and dried, so you aren't charged extra for the weight of the water.

We accept payments via Cash, Mobile Wallet and Visa.

The prices we communicate to you are the prices you will pay, there are no hidden fees. We will only include additional charges for items that require extra special care, such as leather, velvet, or silk — in which case, we give you prior notice.

#4 — Mother Laundry Packages

Our Laundry Packages are recurring subscription plans for your wash and fold needs i.e. washing, drying and neatly folding your clothes. This is a monthly subscription recurring service whereby you set the date for pickups and delivery and the frequency of these pickups within a certain month. They are all prepaid plans and are customized for individuals, families and commercial spaces.

Your package amount is due at the beginning of the monthly package period.

If you go above the poundage for the plan that you have chosen, then you will simply be charged for the extra poundage at the rate of the plan that you have subscribed to.

Nearly all items that are for normal wash and fold would be considered within the poundage. This includes all laundry items: i.e. bed sheets, towels, t-shirts, shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, socks, and many more.

Examples of items that are an exception are blankets, comforters, duvets, pillows, curtains, bed covers, along with all other purely per-piece priced items. Each of these items is charged a separate charge.

Yes, feel free to call us or WhatsApp on 0200 906282 or send us an email to
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