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Professional Dry Cleaners Near You

Dry Cleaning is a "wet" process wherein we use detergents as well. The only difference it has from normal laundering is that instead of water, we use liquid chemical solvents like hydrocarbons (generally called petrol wash) to clean clothes and textiles. Yes, it's a bit confusing in its term since the process is not "dry" — because "liquid" solvents are used. So "dry" is only used in the sense that no water is used at all while cleaning the garments.

As a rule of thumb, Mother Laundry always uses dry cleaning whenever the care label of the garment says "Dry Clean Only". Likewise, if the garment you need to clean is delicately fabricated, or made out of natural fabrics that are damaged by water such as silk and wool, we use dry cleaning — since it's safer on the material and in fact greener for sustainability. We can also use dry cleaning to clean garments with delicate decorations like buttons, lace, or sequins which can easily be damaged by tumbling around in regular washing and drying machines.

Now, our expert local dry cleaners have the answer to the common age-old question of "How to find the best dhobi or professional dry cleaner near me in Kampala , Wakiso , Mukono , Jinja and a few other areas in Uganda ?" To get service, simply turn in your clothing at our premises or schedule pickup and we'll be right there to pick it up from your doorstep, concierge or contact person — and give you the ultimate dry cleaning solution.

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