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Best Laundry Services Near Me — Mother Laundry

Best Laundry Services Near You

At Mother Laundry, we believe people should save time for laundry and use it to relax, unwind, and bond more with their families and friends. This is why we provide convenient, clean, and friendly laundry services in Kampala , Wakiso , Mukono , Jinja and a few other areas in Uganda . This service is very similar to our wash and fold service because we wash, dry, and fold your laundry after you drop it off at our laundromat. We serve all individuals, families and businesses. Whether you want us to pick and wash your laundry every week or need on-demand services, we’re here to answer your main question of "how to find laundry services near me that will be reliable, fast, and affordable". Get in touch with us and have it all sorted.

For even more convenience, we offer pickup and delivery service in case you are too busy or tired to drop off the laundry yourself. All you have to do is schedule pickup and we'll be right there to pick it up from your doorstep, concierge or contact person.

Mother Laundry Steps

  • Weigh laundry (except piece-wise items)
  • Sort your laundry by color for washing
  • Use detergent, softener, antiseptic, etc
  • Wash and clearly rinse your laundry
  • Tumble- or Line-dry your laundry
  • Fold and pack your clean laundry
Best Laundry Services Near Me — Mother Laundry

When paying for laundry services, you expect cleaner laundry and done more efficiently than it would've been if you did it yourself. This is the reason for the above procedures taken to ensure your clothes are washed in a Motherly Way. Blended in those key steps are core functions like seamless processes, interaction between our well-trained attendants, highly advanced washers, and very excellent facilities. See how to order for laundry service with us.

Mother Laundry Packages Our packages are well designed to suit the laundry needs of all individuals, families and business or organizations. The packages are aimed at saving you time, money and stress. They are also priced at over 30% less than the original cost per poundage. Now, from as low as  UGX 80,000/= (USD $22) per month , have all your laundry washed, dried and folded.
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