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Clothing Repairs, Alterations and Tailoring Near Me In Kampala — Mother Laundry

Clothing Repairs, Alterations and Tailoring

It's not automatic that every clothing we purchase would fit us — some wouldn't. We understand that such situations can be frustrating, especially when you have bought these clothes for an upcoming party or event. We also know how annoying it gets when clothes tear, buttons break or zips come off loose. These are just enough to flip your best day over.

At Mother Laundry, we have a great team that offers first-class clothing repairs, alterations and tailoring services near me and you. We hem seams, attach buttons, fix zips, loosen and tighten sleeves, taper, resize and repair rips in clothes and textiles.

At any of our service areas in Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono, Jinja and others all over Uganda, this service is available. Find Mother Laundry's premises nearest to you and turn in your clothes for service. Otherwise, schedule pickup of those clothes online.

With Mother Laundry, your ‘to sew’ pile has its days numbered.