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Wash & Wear In One Hour

It's only a few hours to that dress coded party or function for which you have a particular dress-to-kill attire and then you realize the outfit is dirty. Is that relatable to you? Or maybe, finding out the school, institution or company uniform is unclean on the very day you must wear it without fail. You already get the feeling, don't you? Yes, then you exactly know what this service is for.

Gone are the days when if you didn't clean a day's outfit a day or more before, it couldn't be worn. With Mother Laundry's wash and wear service, your outfit is washed, dried and ironed in just an hour's time. Quit showing up in dirty 'had-to-be-worn' clothes, or letting dirt determine what you wear — change the tide and enjoy the convenience we give.

All you have to do is turn in your laundry at our premises — then sit back and wait for the cleanest results in the shortest time. As you wait, feel free to read through our fun laundry stats and facts and learn amazing things that you didn't know about laundry.

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Mother Laundry Packages Our packages are well designed to suit the laundry needs of all individuals, families and business or organizations. The packages are aimed at saving you time, money and stress. They are also priced at over 30% less than the original cost per poundage. Now, from as low as  UGX 80,000/= (USD $22) per month , have all your laundry washed, dried and folded.
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