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Gym Laundry Services Near Me In Kampala Uganda — Mother Laundry

Gym Laundry Service

Gym laundry may seem like a small part of your business but if you’ve ever run out of a clean supply, you already know how crucial they actually are. That pain when gym members look at you for clean sweat towels and you clearly know there's none — that's exactly it.

That is where Mother Laundry comes in. We clean all your gym laundry such as towels, gloves, robes, sheets, cloths, linens, yoga mats, and more, using quality detergents, with softeners and conditioners to maintain that fresh, fluffy and absorbent feel your customers like and expect. Get affordable commercial laundry and dry cleaning services for your gym, fitness studio, yoga or boxing center in Kampala, and our other service areas. From small training facilities to big box gyms, subscribe to our laundry packages and have your laundry stress cleared. They also include free laundry pickup and delivery.

Mother Laundry Packages Our packages are well designed to suit the laundry needs of all individuals, families, businesses and organizations. The packages are aimed at saving you time, money and stress. They are also priced at over 30% less than the original cost per poundage. Now, from as low as  UGX 80,000/= (USD $22) per month , have all your laundry washed, dried and folded.
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